I have two winter white hamsters. After getting the first one (Randy), I noticed that he was very territorial and did not want to interact with people at all. This led to me getting a second winter white (Marshal), who is sweet and friendly.The employees at the store where I got Marshal interact with their animals on a daily basis. They also have a pretty good reputation. I got my first hamster from there, and he was also a sweetheart.The store where I got Randy is not nice at all. When I picked him out, the lady scooped him up with a plastic igloo because she was afraid to touch him. She also informed my boyfriend and me that they "don't have time to interact with the animals."At first, the differences in their personalities made perfect sense. Marshal had been around humans for the first few weeks of his life, and Randy had not. However, as they got a bit older, I noticed physical differences as well as more personality differences.Randy-grew surprisingly quickly and is very big-has a longer snout and an almost rat-like face-is very buff/muscular-sleeps all day, rarely comes outMarshal-hasn't grown much at all, still looks like a baby even though I've had him for several months-has a small and cute face-has a very soft body, like a marshmallow-is ALWAYS awake and wanting to playIf it wasn't for their dorsal stripes, I would swear that they are totally different breeds. Is it possible that one of them is a hybrid?