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Need help training my cat

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    Need help training my cat

    Hello fellow cat lovers, about 5 months ago I found this black kitten behind my house apparently her mother had abandoned her she just came to me hungry and alone and started meowing for food, I gave her some food and fixed her a bed in my shed, ever since then I fed her twice a day everyday, whenever I go sit on my back porch she would come and sit on my lap and purr, well I recently took her into my house and bought her a litter box which I didn't even need to train her to use she already knew what it was for, shes been using it for 2 weeks now with no problems, I just made this account 5 minutes ago, if someone told me a year ago I would have a cat I would have said they were crazy but this little kitty stole my heart so i'm here asking for help and advice because i'm new to having a pet this being my first pet any feedback and advice would be appreciated, she also want's to go outside sometimes but I don't want her to get hit by a car or get pregnant how long will it take her to get used to the indoors, also wan't to get her a cat tree but currently can't afford it so does anyone know any alternatives for the time being, thanks again for taking the time to read this and look forward to your responses, also is there any way to get her to calm down she has alot of energy sometimes lol.

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    welcome to the forum. First of all before I'd get a tree I'd have her spayed. My siames came into heat at only 4 months old, I had an apt to have her spayed at 6 months but as soon as she came into heat I had her spayed a couple of days later. Just to let you know if she does come into heat and doesn't get pregnant she will continue to come into heat every couple of weeks until she is and I don't think you want to deal with that. There are low cost spay clinics if you need financial help, just call the dept of agriculture in Concord, they will send you an application and if you qualify they will send you a certificate to get her done.

    I have another cat, a bengal and a german shepherd. My cats are never allowed outside, we have fisher cats and their favorite food is cat. I have two window boxes so they can go in and out and its all caged in so they can't get out and nothing can get in.

    You could invest in a scratching mat, they are cheap like around $5, they are infused with catnip, my siamese loves it, she rolls around and scratches it and has a grand time, about once a week I put more cat nip on it and it keeps her happy. The bengal is not affected by catnip, not all cats are. He prefers the tree, where he can pounce down on me when I walk by.

    Lots of experienced people here so if you need any help just ask, usually someone around to help you out

    By the way, she is a kitten, kittens are brats, they don't settle down until they are middle age or older. And you might want to consider getting another kitten around her age, most like a friend their own kind and will amuse each other when you are out.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    WELCOME That is great you took in this kitty and she will get accustomed to being's much safer that way. I agree with Linda that getting her spayed is the best thing to do. I have found that most cats are easy to amuse...mine love a simple little open box. Some cat trees are way overpriced and aren't very hubby made some trees for our cats. What is her name?

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    P.S. Kittens require more food than adult cats. We bought Blue Buffalo Kitten food for ours and they kept them on it for 1 full year. The serving sizes are on the bag. Also make sure she has fresh water... I have several bowls around this house for my crew but you should only need 1 bowl. Also I add a small amount of water to their dry food. They do get canned cat food as well. Hope that helps.

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