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Cat not using litter box

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    Cat not using litter box

    Hello everyone, I'm at my wits ends. I have three cats, the other two never have a problem and always use the litter box.

    I have had this cat for close to 7 years now, and never had a problem until the last couple years.

    I used to have two litter boxes in thr same room in the basement, it started with her pooping and peeing occasionally outside the box. It was far and fresh between so I would just clean it up. Then it became more frequent.

    Then she pooped and peed outside the litter box that we have on the main floor. We bought new furniture, and out of thr blue she peed on both the new couches, so we used aluminum foil to deter her which worked, she started using the box again.

    The last week or so she has pooped outside the box in thr basement, and then yesterday she pooped and pee outside the box on the main floor. Sometime last time she peed on a pair of jeans I had lying on the floors.

    Also a few months back, she peed and pooped multiple spots on thr carpet in our spare bedroom, and now we have to keep the door shut or else she will go right back in and go in the same spot.

    She doesn't do this at all during the day, only at night/early morning. I'm at my wits ends because she is causing so much damage, I'm going to have to replace the carpet in the room, get new furniture again and she could possibly damage my hard wood floors.

    Please help.

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    could be a number of reasons for this behavior, first thing is to have her checked by a vet to see if there is any medical condition. An infection will cause them to look for something soft to pee on because it burns.

    Stress is another reason, did you move, add a new pet, new baby, new furniture, move furniture? Cats are creatures of habit and don't always accept change

    Does she not like the litter in the box? Some cats are fussy about the type of litter used. Try for a fine grain sand like litter, is it scented, she may not like the scent, try unscented. Does she not like sharing the litter box? Is the box kept clean? You could also try sawdust instead of litter or sand from outside. Try different types of litter or whatever it takes to get her to use the box. You could even try shredded newspaper.

    Is the cat declawed? Declawing can cause behavioral issues especially as they get older. you can also get rubber mats placed with the teeth side up. They don't like that and will stay away from that area
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    Over a year ago we added a dog, they do not get along. About 6 months ago we added a kitten and she doesn't like her, however these problems existed before we got the other animals. She usually stays in thr basement while the kitten and dog are upstairs most of the time.

    I've tried a couple different litter boxes and litter, sometimes she will use her box and other times she just goes outside it. We have had her to the vet and she is healthy, she is declawed too.

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    I don't know what else to tell you, unless its something to do with her being declawed.

    you can read this article on how declawing affects some cats

    If there is nothing physically wrong with her and she does it sometimes but not always then if I had to guess I'd say it has to do with her being declawed
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    She may be lonely and trying to get your attention. I would try to engage her in playtime…a little bit every day. She may even want to come upstairs and join everyone else. It’s worth a try.

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    Unfortunately she does not like to play, and both I and my s/o try to give her attention on a daily basis. I know she doesn't like my dog or the other kitten, but she does venture upstairs every now and then to see us.

    I know this is odd, but the only pattern I see. Our bedroom is in the basement, sometimes she sleeps down there with us other times not the night she pooped and peed upstairs I had slept on the couch by the litter box, next night I slept downstairs she didn't go upstairs, last night I slept on the couch and she peed on my jeans right by me.

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    Hello, I used to have the same problem with my cat. Found out a lot of things. First, slope the litter when you clean it, for some reason it can affect their health if you don't. Try to change it at least two times a day. If you only have one litterbox, get another. The problem could be territory marking, they may want their own litterboxes. Last, sweep up the litter around the box at least once a day. Also make sure it doesn't stink. Use air freshener but make sure it's not citrus scented.

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    sometimes it can be that a cat is angry

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