My dog had a couple of similar balls for a long time, they came inside bear squeak toys and when he demolished the bear he had a ball to play with. The last surviving one started to get torn and he started eating small bits. I looked in all the local dog stores, Walmart too and couldn't find anything similar for him, so I got him one online.

It was in the mailbox today when my husband and I returned from the park with him, when I took the envelope out of the mailbox, I spelled his "ballie" is here. My husband said no, there's no ballie in that envelope, and Bigfoot's ears picked up and he started looking at both of us excitedly. Well, once in the house my hubby opened the package and gave him his new ball, I trashed the old one immediately. He's been in heaven all day, fetching it in the house for my husband....been awhile since I got him any kind of new toys.

The other ones he had were cheaply made, this one's pretty high quality, we'll see how long this lasts.