It is an exclusive story with a best ever conclusion. A man has been charged with proceedings of animal abuse case. The convicted has to pay $500,000 on bail and he has to spend 55 years in jail. Eleven counts of animal abuse have been proved against him and he has been charged with five years prison for each count. Moreover, the court has attached a $5 million surety bond condition to his bail. As ordered by the court; he has surrendered his passport and other legal documents required for foreign travel.
The man has been found accused of torturing a puppy named as Doe; though it was called Kiya previously. However, the puppy is no more as it has been euthanized after being discovered in critical condition with so many injuries near Boston. It seemed that the man has repeatedly injured and attacked the innocent puppy and it was a medieval technique of torture he used for this criminal act.
Radoslaw Artur is a Polish immigrant and he has also been charged with the contempt of misleading police investigation besides eleven counts of animal malice. According to Norfolk District Attorney, Mr. Michael Morrissey; people become aggravated at speed of work, however this person, the defendant, does justify and will undergo an impartial and a fair trial. There are many soft heartened people in the world and some of them gathered around the Quincy District Court to support and show their grievances for the abused puppy. They were wearing t-shirts embedded with dog’s photo and some of them sobbed vociferously as they heard the sad story of Kiya.

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