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Help my dog attacked my other dog!

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    Help my dog attacked my other dog!

    Okay, here's the situation:

    We have 4 dogs, one is 17 lbs and the others are under 5.
    2 are Chihuahuas and the others are Chihuahuas mixes.
    The bigger one attacked ONLY one dog (Kahlua and Baxter respectively).
    He needed staples and got all fixed up and we kept an eye on them and everything was great! Kahlua was not aggressive in any way. Ever.
    Today, we came home and she had killed Baxter.
    She's still not aggressive in any way! I don't think she even knows what she did.
    What is me nexy course of action? Give her away so she's the only dog or smallest dog? Put her down? She doesn't even nip! She's the sweetest dog and I'm so heartbroken and really need advice!

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    Was Baxter a female? Two females are unpredictable, sometimes they are ok and other times not. If you can't trust her she needs to be kept separate from the others. Once they turn and do something like this they can never be trusted not to do it again. There had to be some trigger that made her attack Baxter, until you know what it is you can't trust her alone with the others ever.
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    That's tough, sorry to hear about Baxter. I personally could never trust her around the other dogs anymore, she already attacked two of your dogs and just killed one? I would give her to a no kill shelter that may be able to adopt her out to someone with no other pets, but make sure it's no kill. I wouldn't want to put her down though. Sorry, no easy answers there for you. Is there a no kill shelter in your area?

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    It is a case of redirection. In a heightened state of alert, fear, or aggression a dog is not working using reasoning but rather instinct and if they cannot get to the object of all that emotion, that emotion still goes somewhere and it is usually whatever is closest especially if they are being held back with restraint such as a leash, a hand hold, a barrier, etc. That is the reason breaking up a dog fight can be very dangerous for whoever is trying to do the breaking up. Care has to be given to avoid the redirecting that is likely to happen until the situation is completely defused.

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    the situation may be diffused for the moment but it will happen again. Once a dog turns it will do so again. There is no easy answer here. For the sake of the others the aggressor has to go. Go to a home where there are no other dogs or cats or small children. This dog can't ever be trusted again. He's a loose cannon and its only a matter of time until there is another incident. Not a question of if but when.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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