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    Sad ending, but I hope the dog was rehomed quickly to an older loving person. Eleven years ago, my next door neighbor died suddenly alone in his home, his daughter came to visit him and found him on the floor. She couldn't take his dog but was going to see if any of her relatives could.

    In the meantime, I offered to take the dog into my home and see what happened from there. We didn't want a dog, I already had 2 Standard Schnauzers, but it was a sweet dog and slept with us under the covers....growling at our other dogs if hey came near, but she was really friendly.

    If we decided not to keep her, we would have kept her in our home and actively seeked out a loving forever home for her. After a couple of weeks the man's son came to our house and took the dog, said his grandmother loved her and wanted to take her in.

    This is the dog, Kayla, with our Schnauzer looking out the window. I don't have an updated will even for us, but if I found myself living alone in my end days, I would try to seek an arrangement for someone to adopt my pet(s) and give some money to help for their care.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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