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New dog, pee in the house.

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    New dog, pee in the house.

    So my wife just called and the adoptee, Jasper peed a dinner plate size spot on a sisal rug. In a rush, I told her to shoot the area up with diatomaceous earth, and sweep it in, and spray it again and sweep again. I didn't want to spread the urine so I didn't tell her to add anymore moisture until after the DE can be vacuumed up.

    Did I give good advice in a panic?

    Should I follow the DE with Natures Miracle, or is there a better option?

    The vacuum is going to totally freak him out.



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    the earth will absorb it but the scent even though you won't smell it the dog may still be able to. How old is the dog and is it housebroken. If not then it should not have been left unsupervised. If he has accidents in the house you must retrain him as if he were a puppy. Which means crated or leashed to you so he doesn't have the opportunity to pee in the house. A bichon is a smart little dog and easy to train. If you think he's been abused you need to spend a lot of time with him to gain his confidence, once he feels comfortable with you then you can start training and working with him. They learn quickly so it won't be much of a stretch to see him well trained in little time.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I know he's been neglected. I posted yesterday about him.

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    I think my wife was aware that he prefers to go inside. She may have showered. I didn't for a couple days when he came into our home.
    I like that when he does pee, he gets it all out, but that will probably change.

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    I think you gave good advice Charles, maybe after all the DE is up and no powder residue, some white vinegar solution can be spritzed on the area.

    The vacuum may freak him out, but don't overreact about it, it will just make it worse. Your wife should be calm and relaxed when she uses the cleaner, and pay no extra attention to the dog. The dog is better off if gated in an adjacent room where he can see what's going on, but he's not right in the immediate area. Best not to coddle or talk to him that 'it's okay', that just reinforces the fearful behavior. Good luck, you two make a good team for that little one.

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    Oh, good. That diatomaceous earth is pretty impressive stuff.

    Thank you for the encouragement!


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    I took Jasper out @ 4:15am. He peed Ok, but no poop. I put him back to bed with his mama, and she walked him as soon as she woke @ 7:30am. After the walk where nothing happened, she fed him. He made it halfway through his food before getting rambunctious and ran all over the house. She didn't follow him everywhere and he pooped in the bathroom. He looked for praise but she said nothing just picked it up. Rascal.

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