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Dewormer for kitten?

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    Dewormer for kitten?

    This is our new kitten Lyla. She was found in dead traffic on a bridge in New Jersey. Someone might have dumped her in the traffic. My in laws rescued her and we took her in. She's absolutely wonderful. She's having a bit of a poop problem though, her stomach is bloated we were thinking its intestinal worms. We gave her a liquid kitten and cat round wormdewormer and she took it last night. Should that get rid of them?


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    depends on what kind of worms. That over the counter stuff is iffy, you need to take a stool sample to the vet so you can get the correct wormer. A bloated belly is a sign of worms but there are many intestinal worms so she needs to be treated for what she has and a general wormer may not do it.
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    my baby is ok now. thank you so much Linda

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    Cute kitten there, I agree the vet has to identify the worms in the stool in order to prescribe or recommend the right dewormer.

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    Thank goodness you saved this baby...quite a looker! I would only go through my vet's office for medications. A fecal sample will tell them the type of worm and then the can give you the medicine as well as dosage recommendation. Please keep us posted on Lyla & WELCOME!!

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