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Ball Ball the Chinchilla! [Maze Video]

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    Red face Ball Ball the Chinchilla! [Maze Video]

    Hey Pet Forums!

    I have a little Chin named Ball Ball! He's about two years old, and we decided to put together a little cardboard maze for him and have him play around in it (supervised, of course)!

    Threw it together with some Queen music and thought it would make a good introduction for us to the community!

    Hope you like it, and please share with other animal lovers everywhere! It would be awesome to make the little guy famous

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    Hi Quirple welcome, tried to watch your video but cant get it to play, will try again later.

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    Glastonbury, England
    Hello. Nice to meet you. A very warm welcome to the forum.

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    Very cute video! Thanks for the smile!

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    Welcome! Ball Ball is super cute! I love how you have Queen on for the music!

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    That's cute! Chinchillas are nice pets! I had one when I was a teenager. Her name was Violet, and she lived with a hooded rat (whose name I can't remember). They were great pals!

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    Just got to see the video, your chinchilla is very cute!

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