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Kitten Lunging at Dog & Biting and scratching me

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    Kitten Lunging at Dog & Biting and scratching me

    I recently got a new kitten about two weeks ago he is now 8 weeks old. He's settled in nicely to the home and is very loving at times but very hyper at times like a normal kitten would be. He is my first cat ever so I'm still learning things. I kept him isolated for about 4 days before introducing him to my dog and at first he kept his distance and hissed. Now that the dog is used to him she seems scared by him and he will lunge at her as if he's trying to scare her or assert his dominance and my dog hides behind me when he does this. He also wants to play with her tail which freaks my dog out and every time he does it I feel she might snap at him. Is there anything I can do about this to get the kitten to stop? My dog seems to be trying so hard to get along and my kitten doesn't seem to be trying at all.

    On top of that he attacks my feet and hands - especially when I'm in bed trying to sleep. I've tried ignoring him but it hurts too bad for me to lay there and do nothing. I tell him Ow and then say no before putting him on the floor but it's only a few minutes later that he comes right back to me and does it again until he gets bored and stops.

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    he's a kitten and doing kitten things. The dog will adjust and may even play with him. You don't want to keep chasing him away from the dog or the dog will begin to think the cat is something to chase and maybe even hurt. Let them work it out.

    He's practicing his hunting skills when he attacks you, toe mice under the blankets. cats will chase anything that moves, nothing abnormal about anything he's doing. Don't be surprised if he hides behind a chair or a door and pounces you when you get within range. He's not being aggressive, he's just a kitten exploring his universe
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Id let the dog and the kitten work it out themselves but I'm afraid that the dog might hurt the kitten if she feels threatened by him.

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    you aren't going to stop the kitten from acting like a kitten. If the dog is non aggressive it will back away from the cat, the only time it would attack is if the dog can't get away from the kitten and feels cornered or threatened. I have a hundred pound shepherd and two cats, the dog knows how big she is and has never tried to hurt the cats even when they were kittens
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    This is the first time my dog has been around a kitten or a cat so this is new to her and me. I'm not fully sure how she will act, I'm just going off what I've seen so far which is her backing away but she's also turned her head around quickly when he starts trying to play with her tail. I just don't want the cat to lunge at the dog and then the dog to get aggressive or to snap at the kitten and hurt him.

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    Hello and welcome! What kind of a dog do you have? I agree the kitten is just being playful and testing the waters, cats will always dominate dogs, keeping the kittens nails trimmed of the pointed tips will help the dog not to get hurt.

    You should make some one on one playtime with the kitten every day to expend some of his energy, those feather wands on the long bendy wand work well, they can be repaired with Elmer's glue if the feathers all get ripped out. Playtime should continue until the kitten is panting and had enough, then the feather wand should be put away out of sight.

    I recommend you also take the time to help them bond with each other. Get the kitten's attention and make him listen to you. I had an older dog when I got my kitten and the dog was never around cats in his life, he was a large Standard Schnauzer. They bonded to become best friends.

    I worked calmly to train the kitten to take a tiny sliver of American cheese from me, if he went to lunge or swipe at it, I firmly told him "No", held it up a little over his head until he would sit down, just like a dog, and only then would I give him the cheese. Once he had manners, which was very quickly, I sat the dog side by side with him, the dog was already trained to take treats nicely. I gave a little piece to the dog first.....then a tiny sliver to the kitten. Before long they were great buddies, lots of photos of them here in my albums.

    If the dog is not aggressive, then the most your should expect is a growl of warning, and that should be allowed. They should work out their differences once they become more familiar with each other. Stay calm, be patient and don't scold either of them harshly, be very positive. Cats need some direction and guidance for behavior just like dogs. Good luck.

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