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How to start healing after a loss?

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    How to start healing after a loss?

    Hello fellow cat lovers. I am not usually the one to do this and I checked all of the rules and didn't see anything about not being able to. If you are offended I dearly apologize because I know this is not the traditional reasons for this post.

    Two days ago my sister's cat lost a fight for her life. I went home to see my 14 year old sister a mess, the house not feeling the same, andmy parents a disaster. Diamond spent 5 days in an animal hospital getting bunch of tests and procedures to try to save her life. This cat fought so hard, but in the end had terminal cancer.

    I started this GoFundMe without my parents knowing. They are now dealing with about $8,000 and medical bills from diamonds. I am trying to help them even if I only get a couple hundred dollars. They will be furious if they knew I was doing this but the loss of a pet is already too much let alone not knowing where the money will come from. If you could even donate $5 it would mean the world to me.

    Now even if you can't help donate my question to you is how do you begin to heal when children are involved? My sister is a disaster and I'm looking for any advice on how to help properly. I hope I get no hate from this message, but I won't blame if there is.

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    only time will heal the hurt of loosing a pet, people come to terms with a loss in their own way. If they want to talk about it, listen to them, offer condolences and let them know they are not alone. In time the pain will lessen but its not because we don't still miss them its just we learn to live without them
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I'm sorry for her loss. We all have to go through a grieving process and that's healthy and natural, been through it many times myself. Like Linda said the pain will lessen with time but there'll always be an empty place in our hearts and we will always feel sad when we think about our furbabies who have moved on. In our case, after we were over the shock and grief of our losses, getting another kitten or puppy was helpful in filling the void and bringing happiness into our lives again. This should never be rushed into, and you should never think that you're replacing the cat who passed, just another life you can bring into your home to honor your cat's memory. Welcome.

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    No hate here...we are all animal lovers and understand grief all too much. It's such an individual process but for a teenager feelings can be more intense. I've never had an animal stay in the hospital for so long and then not survive is a crushing blow. But you try to do your best and give them a wonderful happy home. Please accept my deepest sympathy.

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