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My puppy bites everyone!

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    My puppy bites everyone!

    Has anybody been a new parent and come up with any tricks to help alleviate biting people in young puppies?

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    get an antler, redirect her to the antler when she starts biting. Her gums are sore, just like a human baby teething, you can wet a facecloth and put it in the freezer and give her that, it will sooth her aching gums. The antler is hard, she can't chew through it and it will keep her chewing for long periods of time. get one with branches or points on it, don't get a flat one as it could slide down her throat and choke her
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    I've used rolled rawhide chews for my dogs for decades, still have some bags I bought years ago from Costco, don't know if they still sell them. I always used the 10 inch size regardless of dog's age. They're good for teeth and gums and last a long time, I still use them now for my young dog, although he's no longer teething, he likes to chew on them.

    As with all rawhide chews, you have to supervise the puppy or dog and make sure they're not biting off large pieces and swallowing them, I often just toss the chew before it gets too small and worn, just to be on the safe side. If you're going to leave the dog alone in the house for hours, you have to take up the rawhide and give it again when you're home.

    I also trained my pups with small knotted rawhide bones, not to get too mouthy and chew or bite on my hands, arms, etc. My husband and I would keep one a small knotted chew in our pocket at home, immediately when the puppy went to bite on our hands, fingers, etc., we'd say " chew on this", then put the chew in the pup's mouth. When the pup lost interest, it went back into our pocket for the next lesson. Before long they didn't mouth on people anymore. Always take up the rawhide bones around puppies unless you're watching them, they shouldn't be left unattended with them.

    I've used this method for a long time and never had a bad incident. My dogs always had very healthy teeth and gums well into their old age. Several times a year my husband will scale the tartar off of their teeth at home also, never had to put any of our dogs under anesthesia for vet teeth cleanings, don't want to ever have to take the chances of doing that, just the anesthesia is dangerous if not given properly.

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    When I brought my dog home he was getting mouthy with me , I was told by a trainer to push my dog away and turn my back on him like his mom did. I only had to do this a few times and my dog got the message !
    I didn't knock my dog over I just moved him away from me kept my back to him for a few minutes .

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