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Marine Aquarist Here

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    Marine Aquarist Here

    I didn't realize this forum had this section, I was only focusing on my cat.

    I have had marine aquariums for roughly 20 years, brackish and freshwater before that time. I have been a WAMAS member for 10 years (we hosted MACNA a couple years ago). On WAMAS forum and Reef Central I am "treesprite".

    I recently got rid of my fish, but not my corals. My corals were doing poorly due to lack of time to keep up the amount of maintenance required to keep fish. So for now I just have some corals.

    I have a 120g project to work on, but haven't had time to work on it (need to re-seal the tank and stuff, and build a stand for it). So, all I have up right now are a couple plumbed together 20 highs with a 20 long sump and then a separate tank full of live rock. I am thinking of turning the 120 into an AIO. My old blind cat has priority for the limited free time I have, so I think it will be a long while before this 120 is running, even though I have had the tank for about a year and a half.

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    Very nice! I only had a couple of fresh water aquariums over the years and gave up on them, I had no luck with keeping the fish alive and well. My husband is interested in getting a salt-water aquarium now that we are retired, but that won't happen because I doubt he'd take complete care of it and when we went away on vacations someone would have to care for the fish. Neither of us would want outside assistance when we were out of town. I've been snorkeling in Hawaii and the salt water fish and coral were spectacular and beautiful. My husband did make me a nice terrarium years ago out of our smaller tank, but I have as much luck with plant as I have with fish....kill them with kindness I guess.

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