Hi guys,

Basically, my dog, Kelly, was beaten to death in April of this year by my long-term partner (now very ex). What was already a pretty horrific situation was made worse by the failure of the Police and the NZ Court system to acknowledge the seriousness of the matter. The person responsible for this was offered diversion - this means he would receive no punishment; not even a criminal record!! Luckily, I have some legal experience and was able to successfully fight to get the diversion withdrawn. However, in proceeding, I am obviously quite sceptical that the prosecution will put the time and effort into it that I feel it deserves.. In response, I have made this petition: https://www.change.org/p/new-zealand...ath-needlessly

I am hoping to get as many signatures as I can in an effort to show the Police and the Courts that I am not alone in thinking that they are not taking this matter as seriously as they should. Quite frankly, even for the non-animal lovers, this is a dangerous situation because we have so much evidence these days that animal abuse is very often followed by abusing people. As I mentioned, the person who did this was my long-term partner. I never for a second would have thought he could be capable of such an act!! That, to me, is the scariest part - I like to think I am not an idiot and also that I am a 'no nonsense' type of person, yet I still had no idea what was going on. To not even give this man a criminal history for doing this is just reprehensible I think, because how will his next partner ever know what he is capable of - I sure didn't!

I am a fourth-year law student currently and am intending to do my honours papers on the state of animal law in NZ. Hopefully, I can at least get some good out of my terrible situation by helping make these prosecutions easier for victims in the future.

Here is a follow-up article with more information: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/cri...l-cruelty-laws

Thanks very much in advance,