Hello! I got my dog about 7 years ago and when I got her she had just gotten better from parvo and wasn't the prettiest puppy ever but had the cutest heart. She loved being around people and other dogs and would come out in the living room with everyone.

Then after 4 years both of my other big dogs died (Different days just within 4 years) and my grandmother moved in with her little dog. My papillon was really sad then one of the dogs would die but got over it pretty quick because she had my grandma's dog.

Then about 2 years ago we got a black lab and a german shepherd and my papillon all of the suddon got weird and everything anyone did to her she would cry as if she was in pain. She started staying under the bed for most of the day and didnt really like to be picked up.

It didnt help that my grandma started locking them in the room for most of the day so she was even more alone. Now she doesnt cry when you pick her up or touch her but she is still really weird about coming out of the room. We had a doctor look at her and they said she was in pain because of allergies but its weird how it started to happen right around when we got the new dogs.

I hope there is something that i can do to atleast make her feel a little more safe in the house over than under the bad.