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disturbed re: fish-based food

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    disturbed re: fish-based food

    I was researching information about fish in cat food, prompted by a comment on another thread.

    I am really feeling disturbed at the information, maybe more disturbed that I had never known about it, and even more disturbed that there hasn't been more of an effort to educate pet owners about it. (I'm using just my phone, so not posting links right now).

    I am going to look for some alternatives to what I usually use. I hope other people who love their cats also consider alternatives.

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    I understand your concerns and I'm trying not to buy any fish flavored cat food. I was wondering if you or anyone else tried Organix turkey or chicken flavored cat food?
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    One of the wet foods I have been getting at the organic market, has a few flavors that have no fish (chicken, beef, and lamb varieties). That brand does not put ground up bones in the food. It is so expensive though. I have to find some kinds of non-fish varieties that are not so expensive.

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    I read tuna is okay in moderation, like as a treat flavor, so you don't have to completely ban fish from a cat's diet - as long as the kidneys are working normally. I wish I could remember the fish/CRF connection.

    Of course, the most important thing is making sure your kitty eats, period. If your cat will only eat fish or seafood, let him/her eat it. Try many different grain-free recipes first before raising the white flag
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    If I open a can of tuna for us, I always give the cat a little bit just as a taste treat, same with crab leg meat, salmon, or sardines. But I always figured the fish in most foods that aren't super expensive are junk fish, scraps, and of questionable origin. Plus, my cat seems to prefer turkey or chicken over anything else when it comes to store bought food.

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    my spoiled boy likes duck, he turns his nose up at tuna and I've even offered him a little piece of haddock which he turned down. once in a while he'll eat a bit of salmon but usually turns up his nose at that also, he liked the chicken, turkey and sometimes beef but he prefers duck to anything else.
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    Having completely stopped food with fish content, neither of my cats will eat canned food now, except a couple kinds of cheap stuff that has fillers and whatever in it which I don't want to feed them. They will not eat the non-fish varieties of brands they loved when fed the fish varieties.

    I am wondering if those more cheaply made foods have something in them that attracts the cats, maybe something that acts as a flavor enhancer which may not be listed as flavoring?

    Fortunately, the cats drink a lot of water, and they are not puking up unchewed food (they do get lots of hairballs, because they groom each other, but there is no food mixed into it).

    Has anyone else had this problem when discontinuing non-fish canned food?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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