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Dog scared of noises

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    Dog scared of noises

    Not sure if it's relevant to his issue so just a very quick background on the doggy.

    He is a Bull Arab, approx 4 years old but that's just a guess. I found him approx 3 years ago on the side of the road with bullet wounds in his side. He is the nicest friendliest dog ever and loves all people and all animals.

    He has a big problem with certain noises though.
    He hates thunder and fireworks which is pretty normal for dogs, plus might sound like a gun which I understand completely him being scared of so I'm not enquiring about that.

    But he HATES certain beeping sounds.
    He's fine with the microwave, but he hates the dishwasher beep when it's finished.
    He hates the sound the laptop or DVD player makes when loading a disc, hates the buzzer on tv like on that ninja warrior show, is fine with telephone noises, hates computer beep when turning on or off.
    It's very weird and we can't figure out why he hates only certain beeps so much. Even if they are only very soft and far away he still can't stand it. I imagine it's a frequency type thing..

    We have tried those comfort/storm wraps to make him feel snuggly, we ignore the behaviours so as not to encourage it, we made him a "safe room" to go to if he wants with blankets and pillow and a radio, and we have tried to get him used to the beeps on a regular basis to try and enforce that it's nothing bad ... nothing seems to help.

    He doesn't do anything destructive when he gets scared, he heavily pants and drools, paces around, sticks firmly to someone's legs and is just very on edge.

    Anyone who might be able to help me out I would be very grateful!!
    I'm just asking to try and help him so he doesn't get so upset by them.

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    He may need to get his ears evaluated by a doctor, he may be having pain in the ears when he hears those tones, good luck with him. Can you set the dishwasher not to sound the signal? I know I can do that on my dryer. Good luck, and welcome.

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