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Dog torn ligament in knee

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    Dog torn ligament in knee

    Hello I am new to the forum. Our 6 1/2 yo Boxer/hound mix ran out the door like every night and fell to the ground about 6 steps from porch. We went to the vet today and they explained based on exam and rays she has a torn ligament or ligaments in the knee. They gave her a shot of Buprenorphine for pain, oral Rimadyl and gabapentin to take for Granted a weeks. Rest,ice,medication, make sur she's up and moving as much as possibles, keep muscles from not being used. They talked about surgery for repair and expense and locations that would do it, not anywhere close to us. Home she has rested,eaten, hopped in and outsid to use th bathroom. She has not whimpers but one time while doctor was examining her. She is a trooper! Her sister is worried about her, these two dogs are and have been attached at th hip since birth . Anyone else out there been thru this, or know someone who has? Advise??

    Thank you for any input.

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    is this an ACL tear? if its not a full tear with complete rest it will heal on its own, if its a full tear it needs surgery. If they suggest surgery don't let them talk you into the TPLO surgery, insist on the traditional. TPLO they will cut the bone and insert a plate, if there is any problem after such as an infection an anti biotic can't get through the plate and the surgery can't be undone, it will mean amputation. With the traditional they use a strong fishing like line on both sides of the knee to stabilize the knee and leg, if there is a problem which there seldom is it can be redone. Either surgery will require about three months of down time. You can't unring the bell, once the bone is cut it can't be undone.

    by the way once they blow one knee its very likely within a year or two she'll blow the other. Because she is putting all her weight on the good side and causing stress to that knee as well.

    For now until you decide what to do start giving her plenty of glucosamine, you can't over dose on it, if you give her more than she needs, she'll just pee it out. The glucosamine will rebuilt the cartilege over time. You should be giving it to both dogs regularly anyway
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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