Hi, I recently got 2 chinchillas. I got one from craigslist (Vader) and one from the pound (Trooper). All of their things came from Vader's previous home (We made an order for a lot of stuff on amazon, and we made sure all of the stuff didn't smell like Vader). When in the car, we decided to try to let Trooper have a dust bath, and he loved it. The dust even had Vader's scent on it. However today I tried giving them a dust bath (they bathe on Tuesday, Thursday, and once on the weekend) and Trooper got in it but he didn't take a dust bath. My dad suggested maybe he knows when he needs it and when he doesn't but when Vader had dust on him, Trooper tried rolling on him. So, is it just because it has Vader's scent on it? Should I try to wash it or just get another one for Trooper and let Vader have his own? A thought that came to mind was what if he's just not used to it because he was a stray, but then why would he have used it on the way home from the pound? It could also be because the dust that came from the old owners says 'Best By 03/02/17' (We ordered more). So yea I'm just hoping it's something that can easily be fixed before his fur started becoming oily and knotted. Oh and Vader wasn't around when I tried to get Trooper to take a dust bath, so it can't be that Vader is territorial over it. Thanks.