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Salutations, a bit of help?

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    Question Salutations, a bit of help?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and it's the first pet forum I have ever been on. The reason I decided to join this forum is it happens to be the only pet forum that makes any sense and loads. I recently took in three kittens from my old cat's litter, she refused to come with but was okay with us taking the babies off her paws. The kittens are old enough to be away from their mother but they still eat soft canned food. Recently I noticed however, that the white kitten ( his name is cocaine, off a PATD! song) meows a lot more often than the two grey ones. He constantly meows unless he is asleep or eating. Also, he seems to keep his left eye squinted as if it's causing him discomfort. The left eye leaks a lot as well and constantly looks watery and has dried mucus around it, often sealing it shut until I wipe it clean. Is there something wrong with the kitten and should i take it to the vet? Please respond and let me know.

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    I would definitely take it to the vet as soon as possible. It sounds like the eye is infected and likely causing pain, also will worsen without treatment. They'll also check the kitten over and make sure there's no other causes for the constant crying. Honestly, they should all be checked out by a vet while your there if that's possible for you. But definitely please take care of that eye, you'll probably get medicine and eye drops to clear it up if it's a simple infection. Welcome.

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    Thank you for the quick reply! i read online that mucus infections are common in white, siamese, cats but that they caer up after a week or so and was worried since he's so young.

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    the kittens all need to be seen by a vet, especially the white one, until you can get him to a vet wash his eye out with warm milk, take a cotton ball and dip it in warm milk and apply it to the eye, do this several times a day, the lactose in the milk will pull out some of the infection, its not a cure, he still needs to be seen by a vet but until you can get him to a vet this will keep him more comfortable.
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    The constant meowing could be caused by pain in the eye or a combination of factors. Only a vet could determine that. I agree 100% that all three kittens should see the vet, white kitty first.
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