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Accidentally Fractured my Dogs 's right k9

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    Accidentally Fractured my Dogs 's right k9

    I was at the beach and I threw a rock into the water my dog was faster then I thought and she jumped and it hit her right K9. I went to the veterinarian and he said sense you can see red in the middle of the tooth there is a risk of infection because something can get into the blood stream and to the heart. Just enough of the tooth was chipped of so you can see the red. He said it would cost 700 to 800 to fix it. My family is broke and I don't feel like giving my life savings up. But I love her so I will do it If she is at risk to die. Can someone tell me if it is necessary for the surgery or if there is a cheaper option. Please.

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    Welcome to the forum! I am sure other dog lovers can help you here. I only have a cat but completely understand. I recommend checking out the Dog Health and Nutrition Forum.

    First of all, your doggie will not die. Your vet presented a worst-case scenario. Many pet parents seek second opinions and get much better answers from alternative veterinarians. You also might get lower expenses for it from other veterinary hospitals. How much lower, I can't say. It could depend on where you live. Also, some veterinary hospitals may be better equipped to deal with stuff like this. In addition, you can ask about paying a huge bill in increments, not all at once.

    Good luck. I hope your furry friend feels better.
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    I'm just guessing, but I think the cheapest thing to do in this case is have the vet put the dog under anesthesia and have the tooth pulled, probably need some stitches too. That will be costly but cheaper than any procedures they may want to do like root canal. What did your vet have in mind?

    From what I understand, a broken tooth like that is severe and may cause serious infection that could travel throughout the body. It also can cause painful abscesses in the mouth which usually get infected too. Right now the tooth is causing the dog pain, so it's cruel not to have the vet take care of it. If you're near a low cost clinic or veterinary college you may want to take that route, but please, for the dog's sake, get it taken care of as soon as possible.

    We have to do these things for our pets, they depend on us to help them. Sell something you have, or borrow from a friend and pay them back, but you have to at least get enough money together to have it extracted and stitched, they'll probably give a couple of pain pills and antibiotics for after the surgery. Good luck, please let us know how things went for her.

    What kind of a dog is she, how old?

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    I agree with Alpha, get the tooth pulled, end of problem. You could go through all the work and expense of trying to save the tooth only to have to wind up having it pulled anyway. Get it out and be done with it.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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