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Thanks for the resource!

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    Cool Thanks for the resource!

    I am planning to check out Gyobutsuji Zen Monastery in America. Pretty famous for intense Zen meditation.

    Problem is.....

    I don't own a dog and haven't since I was a child. I know the Abbot took in a stray border colie that just kind of showed up and he loves it to pieces.

    I thought I would join and learn a bit about dogs and Border Collies in particular so that maybe I can do something nice for the Abbot and his furry friend

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    Welcome to the forum Skippin! I see a lot of Border Collies at the park, they are nice dogs, very much working dogs, always looking to do something. Many of them just fetch balls and frisbees nonstop for their owners there, they're not always content to just do nothing and walk around or play with other dogs like some breeds. Here's more on the breed.

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    Awesome thanks for the resource!

    Haha yah everyone says they have a lot of energy but great dogs

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    Great to know it works for you.

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