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Liquid Medicine Administration

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    Liquid Medicine Administration

    I read somewhere in this forum that if you orally administer liquids to a cat his lungs may absorb it. I have to give my cat a whole dropperfull of ClinDrops twice a day and I'm not sure how to do it.

    Do I just squeeze the dropper quickly? Or do I squeeze a bit of medicine slowly, wait for him to catch breath and continue the process till I've administered all the medicine?

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    Cats would cough it up if it got in their lungs. Their respiratory system is similar to ours.
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    12,654 can't just shoot it in quickly because then they can't swallow it and instead if they're needing to take a breath they can inhale it into their lungs, aspiration, which can can severe health problems and if I'm not mistaken, in some cases death. We usually hold the dropper on the side of the mouth, toward the back, and slowly squeeze in the medicine, giving the cat enough time to swallow without being overwhelmed. Most of it tastes bad, and they will struggle, but you have to have a secure hold on their scruff and head so they get every drop. My husband usually give the medicine while I hold the cat on my lap.

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