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New here. Would like to introduce myself and my new German Shepherd Khaleesi.

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    New here. Would like to introduce myself and my new German Shepherd Khaleesi.

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    My name is Matt. Just wanted to introduce myself and My new companion. A German Shepherd named Khaleesi. She's now almost 17 weeks old.

    I got her from pure luck. At the time my financial situation wasn't the best. I was able to work out a down payment with the rest paid off in 3 installments. She came from a breeder that held him self and his work to high standards.

    I mostly joined for advice and community. She is very high energy. Yet I cannot seem to get her under control. She obeys and is very smart. Learns very fast. To my surprise she has
    adapted very quickly.

    Despite all that she still is very very high energy all the time. She doesn't ever want to sleep and I started taking her on three walks per day instead of 2. Yet she just cannot seem to relax. Very full of life and happy with lots of high energy.

    The photo I added to the post is her at just over 6 weeks. I will post again soon. Will be looking for tips and to seek advice on other things about dog training. Plus what's best for her. Like food types, toys, treats, harness/collar, socialization with other dogs and people.

    Hello to all and thanks for reading.


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    Cute picture!
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    Hi Matt and Khaleesi! Nice photo.

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    Hi Matt! Khaleesi is a very pretty girl, congratulations! Sounds like she need to run around a bit, maybe with a puppy friend, in a safe area. You're right, socialization is key for all well balanced dogs, so meeting new people, dogs, being in different situations, etc. is a good thing. Most Kong toys are durable, I've used the typical Kong where you can put some kind of treat inside, although I personally never did that, and their squeaky balls are pretty durable too.

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    Hello Matt, welcome

    I've had german shepherds for over 40 years, been there, done that, I can probably answer any questions you have. My current shepherd (my avitar) is a six year old named Phoenix, her mom is a geman import and sire is chez. Love the breed but they can be a handful.

    First thing I'm going to suggest you do is use a harness not a collar to walk her, pulling on the collar can damage her neck and throat also she's teething get her an antler to chew on, get one with branches (points) not a flat one she can choke on, give her the antler to redirect her when she gets into something or chews something she shouldn't.

    I feed raw which is the best thing for them, if you go with commercial make sure its high quality and grain free. Orajin is the best of the best followed by Fromm. Stay away from anything made by purina, they use rendered meat, google rendered meat if you don't know what that is.

    Go easy on puppy shots, NO combo shots, just core shots and one at a time, the combo is five shots in one, to much of a hit on her immature immune system.

    I also don't spay until after the second heat If you spay her before she fully mature, both physically and mentally her legs and nose will keep growing putting stress on the leg ligaments and could have a problem with an ACL tear later. among other things. And if she is not mentally mature she will remain pupplike for a long time.

    NO heavy exercise for at least an hour after eating, that has been known to contribute to bloat. She is a baby and should be fed three times a day. She can have bones as long as they are not cooked, raw bones won't hurt her, cooking makes them brittle

    You can start now giving her one glucosamine, one fish oil, one probiotic and one vitamin e pill per day, the glucosamine will strengthen the cartlidge, fish oil is good for the heart, probiotic keeps good bacteria in the intestines where a dog's health and immunity originates, viatmin e is because fish oil depletes the vitamin e. As she gets bigger increase the glucosamine to two tablets, you can't overdose on any of these, if she gets to much she will just pee it out.

    good luck, come back anytime with any questions you have
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    WELCOME! My motto is don't shop...ADOPT and save a life but I wish you all the best with Khaleesi.

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