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Scared kitty during home renovation

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    Scared kitty during home renovation

    I am getting a new bedroom closet. That began with dismantling the old closet (a reach-in with an organization system) and of course loud construction noises. There is obviously no way to make Daisy happy when she hears hammering and drilling, smells unknown people, etc. But when I come in Mom's bedroom, where she has everything and stays with the door shut when a handyman is here she hides from me. I play with her and pet her when she wants me to. I don't try to pull her out from under the bed. She jumps on the bed when I lie down. so why does she seem to be afraid of me when I am walking in the room looking at her?

    Long after the handyman was gone, I took Daisy to my bedroom just to see if it would be safe for her to sleep with me because there is some rubble on the floor. She didn't want to be held and immediately sprinted out. That was disappointing because she sleeps with me every night. She usually investigates new things but had no interest in sniffing the changes to her favorite room. I hope Daisy is fine with going in before they are done with it.
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