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Kitty won't chew his treats?

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    Kitty won't chew his treats?

    Hi there, I am the loving fur mamma to 3 handsome men two of them were barn kittens when I got them 5 years ago.

    My smallest little man has recently started gorging, but solely on the dry treats. No matter what I do he just scarfs em down!

    He's not chewing them at all, then 10 mins after treattime he throws the lot up, all of them whole.

    This has only started in the last couple weeks. I even tried giving them their treats separately and only giving them o e treat at a time. No difference!

    Can anyone help me figure out if something's wrong with my poor little man, and offers up a suggestion on how to curb this habbit?


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    stop giving him the treats, when the others get treats give him some wet food. give him like a small spoonful of wet food, he'll have something so he doesn't feel slighted but I'd cut out the treats for him.
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    Yeah that's probably what I'll have to do but he's loved those treats for so long and never did this. I guess I just wanna make sure there's no other optionbefore I take away his favorite haha

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    To answer the chewing question: cats don't even chew dry food, which is why kibbles are so small. Eating any food too fast can cause vomiting. I don't think there is anything wrong with the cat.

    A way to make cats eat slower is buy a toy that you put treats in. The idea is the cat rewards himself for exercising by getting a treat because the object of a game is to get food out of the toy.

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