Harvey one week, Irma the next, now Josey and Katia coming soon with at least one likely to hit America's mainland. Pets of all types, shapes, sizes, and colors will be out there waiting to be rescued or reunited with whoever abandoned them during evacuations. I am sure some people here have the ability to help this poor animals - whether by taking them to no-kill shelters and foster homes, donating cat care supplies to shelters that don't have enough for all hurricane-trapped animals, or the simpl route: donate as much money as you can to organizations for their hurricane pet rescue efforts. All I can do is suggest ideas and post links to help people get this started and donate some money to my preferred animal welfare organization in Florida - if I even have enough money left. But I know most people use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Linked In, etc.) and can spread this message more quickly than I can.

It does not matter if you can only donate one can of food or an old cat toy. Everything is something. Maybe your cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge and you don't know what to do with its stuff (litterbox, food and water bowls, beds and bedding, etc.) If you are in a hurricane area, I strongly recommend donating them to local organizations that could be flooded and lose all cat and dog care items. Another option is reusing those items by washing them completely and getting ready to foster a new pet. I can't list all the ways people can help bring pets back to home or give them new homes while most people are thinking about the human mortality rate and not the injuries, illnesses, and deaths of pets who lost their homes and people.

Now is a great time to brainstorm some ideas because Jose and Katia already are reaching Category 3 status as they approach Irma, who is heading straight north through Florida.