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Water kitten

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    Water kitten

    I have had cats (Siamese) for over 45 years and thi ew kitten is doing something I have never witnessed . She is totally fascinated with water. She gets in the sink and lounges, drinks from faucet, steps in shower as soon as I get out and tries to catch running wate. Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone have idea about what is going on? I sure would appreciate any help I can get.

    I am a new member of this forum and hope to have a great time talking to other cat and dog lovers.

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    welcome to the forum, I have a siamese and a bengal, the bengal loves water and the siamese follows everything he does. I don't find it unusual at all.
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    Some of mine love water too. After a shower Priss likes to go in and just sit in the water that's collected. Sometimes when I run water in the bathtub Daisy likes to see it run and will sometimes put her paw under it to get a drink. I guess it's something about fresh water...who knows but it's amusing

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    Every cat I have had will sit in the sink and tub, and drink water from the fawcett, as long as it is not more than a stream. One cat I used to have got in the shower with me a couple times, but the other cats always run away when the bathtub fawcett is turned up enough to be loud (I think they are afraid of being given baths.... of all the things cats pretend to forget, that is not one of them).

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    Very true about them never forgetting the memory of a bath. Luckily I've only had to give my cats baths over the years once or twice...I can't recall the reason for it but I definitely recall it was an unpleasant for us both!

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    When my cat Daisy was a kitten she put toy mice in her water bowl. Once I accidentally put my fingers in the bowl while trying to pick up a mouse she had put behind it. Daisy liked that so she dipped her paw in the water several times, then licked it off. For a while she did that every time she put a mouse in the bowl.

    Of course, these mice were too small to put in the dryer, and being fabric with wool and catnip stuffing they took forever to dry. I put them next to my bathroom sink to dry every day. What did Daisy do about that? Jump on the toilet seat, then the vanity counter, to sit in the sink and knock them into the sink. For at least a week every time I went to the bathroom, at least one mouse was in the sink. It quickly evolved to drinking from the faucet if I turned it on a tiny bit and sitting in the sink. Some nights I had to put off brushing my teeth because of the silly cat in it. Sadly, it all ended when I accidentally broke the sink by tipping over the marble tumbler I put my toothbrush in by picking her up.
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