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Mother cat stopped nursing

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    Mother cat stopped nursing

    I am fostering for a rescue group. The mother cat and six kittens came to me unvetted. The mother does not want to feed the kittens and is hiding. I have put food in front of her and she refuses to eat or drink the kitten milk. The kittens are eating on their own although they are only two-and-a-half to three weeks old. Any idea what could be wrong with the mother? She was very very skinny her hip bones were sticking out.

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    Where did they come from? Sounds like she wasn't being fed, wherever she was.

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    I would take them to your local shelter or rescue or a vet. Sounds like she's sick.
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    Definitely take her to a vet. She can't feed her kittens without eating a lot of food herself.
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    It's great that you are fostering momma and her little ones. It could be that since mom is malnourished she can't produce enough milk until she gains some weight. Feeding her some good quality canned cat food that's high in calories especially with a smelly fish scent could bring her out of hiding and get her to eat. Also giving her vitamin supplements once you get her eating more will work well. Please keep us posted.

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