I currently have a guinea pig, and he is about the sweetest little ginger fella I have ever met. After watching a Canadian tv show (Letterkenny) and seeing his fluffy ginger coat, the once skinny boy was named Squirrely Dan. Don't worry this post isn't just about him!

Typically I'm an adopt don't shop kind of girl, but after a month of returning for meal worms and frozen mice for my boyfriend's snakes and lizard and popping into see the pets that were up for sale, every return I would see him. 2/3 times he was alone, I asked why and it was just that he wasn't selling. His siblings sold, temporary cagemates sold, but nobody would go for him. I felt bad, went home and discussed it with my boyfriend and we brought him home. He was alone when I picked him up

His state of care was less than ideal, don't get me started on the lack of nail care he had! Anyhow, coming to a home he thrived, he was constantly popcorning, and whooped up a storm. He has grown used to us though and we aren't nearly as exciting as we were before. He is lonely.

We are moving to my parents house to build a tiny house on wheels, though his home won't be fully portable we are going to try and keep it mobile to move right along with us!

The reason we want to create an outdoor home for him is so we can get him a full time friend. I am hoping to foster until I find his soul mates. I was considering opening the possibility of fostering rabbits as well, as there is a large population that comes back around after the excitement of a baby bunny loses its appeal from the Easter season. Squirrelly has loved every critter he has met (close monitoring) from dogs, cats, lizards, he was so curious about the birds as that is what he was always surrounded by but the bird took no interest in him.

He loves visiting, so I'm thinking of having a hutch that can house both guinea pigs and rabbits.

It will be a 4 season, insulated, air conditioned and heat, ventilated, off grid power, a gravity fed water system, well lit sleeping cubbies, personal rabbit and guinea pig safe garden.

I need help with knowing what are safe materials for both species to use as I know the chewers they are!

What are safe and not safe woods to use for construction?
Would a strong gauged chicken wire, double layered fencing be adequate for the outdoor enclosure?
Should I place chicken wire under their outdoor enclosure with a layer of dirt to prevent escapes and unwanted entries?
The building is going to be 8' by 10' with an outdoor enclosure with at least the same amount of space, but how big should their indoor night cubbies be to further blockade predators and prevent any negative encounters if he has a hard to live with roommate?

I've planned two 3' by 4' cubbies with openable or lockable hatches to expand or decrease the space if he finds soul mates, and a single 3' by 3' cubby as well. They will have a 5' by 10' plus their cubbies to roam during the day plus outdoor access during the proper seasons. I also plan on putting a baby monitor/security camera to keep an eye on everyone at night.

I know it is best for your animals to live indoors, so I want to give them their own house, with the same relative level of safety. I want my boy to find his soul mates that he can't live without, and live out his days happily munching in his own private garden. He deserves a good life. Can you help? Any tips or pointers? Have you ever kept guinea pigs and rabbits in a fairly open space but together? Anything helps!

Thanks for reading the long post!