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Mother cat stopped nursing

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    Mother cat stopped nursing

    I was given 6 little 3-week old kittens to foster for a rescue group. The initial bathroom I put them in was too small. The cat was constantly hissing at me and so were the kittens so I wanted to get them into a larger room. After I moved them into an empty bedroom, she stopped nursing them and ran out into another room and I cannot get her to go back.

    The cat occasionally jumps over the barricade to go visit the kittens but will not spend any time with them. I brought the smallest kitten that is only 10 oz at maybe four weeks old to her. The kitten was nuzzling up to her and mama licked it but she would not let it nurse. At one point she had her teeth around the kitten's head. I don't think she hurt the kitten but I found it very strange behavior.

    Mama is always hiding from me and hissing and growling and making strange noises. She is very vocal. Now and then she comes out and wants to rub against my legs. She is hot and then cold towards me and towards are kittens. I don't understand what is going on with this cat. The woman who runs the rescue does not seem concerned about it. But I find it very odd. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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    maybe mom for whatever reason stopped making milk, it happens. You might try bottle feeding them, you can get some milk replacement and make a formula for them or if you have access to goat's milk that would be even better. In another week or so you can try teaching them to drink on their own, just be sure they are still peeing and pooping, if you have to stimulate them to go use a warm damp washcloth and rub it on the genitals, this will stimulate them to go.
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