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3 week old kitten very tiny

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    3 week old kitten very tiny

    I am fostering six kittens that are between three and four weeks old. The largest one I am guessing is 1.5 to 2 lbs. The smallest one is only 10 oz. The little one eats but not very much. I have tried to force feed it formula but it really doesn't want any. When I thought it was dehydrated I really pushed it to take the formula but now it does not appear so dehydrated. Today it had a little poop that was yellowish and a tinge of blood in it. Any idea what this could be?

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    I would take this kitten to a vet asap, any blood no matter how little is a sign that something is wrong. With a kitten this tiny he can't fight off any infection and needs more help than any one other than a vet can provide. The blood is coming from somewhere and you need to know where.
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    The kitten is definitely sick. A healthy kitten would not have yellow or bloody feces.

    There is an easy at-home test for dehydration. Pinch your fingers on the back of his neck. If the skin does not go down quickly, the kitten is dehydrated.
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