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Mother cat bit me

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    Mother cat bit me

    I am fostering some five week old kittens. The mother was very malnourished when I first got her. The cat and kittens have not been seen by a vet. The mother was growling at me and hissing all the time but then she became very friendly at times. I accidentally stepped on her foot when she got in my way and she bit me. Now I am on antibiotics as a preventative measure.

    I am afraid of this cat and have asked the rescue group that she belongs to to remove her. She is not feeding her babies but the rescue group does not want to separate the mother and kittens. I don't think she spends time with the kittens except to go in their room and eat their food. As soon as I come in the area, she runs out of the room that the kittens are in and spends her time hiding in another room.

    I think that just the mother should be removed and be spayed and then adopted out especially since they seem to be having a difficult time to find a foster for all the kittens and the mother. I am more than happy to continue fostering the kittens alone. She seems to vacillate between being friendly and unfriendly. I don't know what is causing this. Most of her kittens are unfriendly also but I am trying to tame them. I am making some progress but I'm worried because now they are 5 weeks old and I understand the older they are, the more difficult it is to tame them. Any opinions on this situation?

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    She reacted to what happened to her at the time, you really can't blame her for biting you. I would let her stay with the kittens, even if she is not nursing them anymore.

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    I agree with CiCiElle, not good to separate the mom from her babies, even if she's not too attentive to them, she's been through a lot, so you can't expect her to suddenly be calm and relaxed. With some time and love, I think she'll come around and be a nice kitty.

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    The mother is probably doing more for her kittens than you are aware of. If they are eating solid (canned, not kibble) food, which should happen at five weeks of age, nursing does not have to be frequent anymore. You can feed KMR (kitten milk replacement) if necessary but it is not the same as getting the real thing. Feeding guidelines for lactating cats is three times the regular amount for an adult under age 11.
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