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Please provide me a good List Of healthy food for a pet dog.

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    My daughter and I did extensive research about dog foods on this web site: . My dog Misty, a 12 yr old shepherd mix, gets Horizon Amicus grain free senior and did really well with it but occasionally got diarrhea so we started mixing in some Hill's from the vet and added a supplement called Fortiflora. My son's and daughter's dogs (both mixed breed rescues) eat taste of the Wild Coastal Catch. There's a lot to think about when choosing a dog food!

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    I feed raw but I have a bowl of fromm out in case she gets hungry between meals. The cats eat fromm and natural balance for wet food but my daughter started feeding halo and gave me a small bag to try it out, cats went nuts over it so I may switch them to the halo. I think they make a dog food also. 5 star food and made with human grade meat
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    this post are very effective

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