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I Took A Neighbor's Cat To The Vet Before Asking In An Emergency, Friend Mad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha1 View Post
    Never tire of hearing about Feather and his family Saav, and you are an angel for saving him! Glad they liked your gift, it sounds very nice and sooo thoughtful of you!
    I'm so happy with them and Feather. Thank you so much! I'm not sure he appreciates the treat jar but I know he loves what's in it! I saw him today, he cuddled up in my lap ... We shared Thanksgiving very late because I worked 3-11pm as usual at our place. They had no one to share Thanksgiving. I promise I did it up all right with a turkey and stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by CatMom1994 View Post
    I know there is a reason for everything and truly believe Feather's short-term suffering led to long-term relationships because God has a plan for all of us. God bless you and Feather.
    Yes absolutely. I'm so glad and grateful I found him and so grateful I could help him that night. God is so good.

    I was actually crying until he moved and meowed and the hope in me prayed and I actually said "Please God don't make me too late, Please, please please help us. PLEASE Don't make this too late!!" On the way to the emergency vet.

    My prayer was answered, I have awesome friends and a precious kitty.

    We had a terrific Thanksgiving ..... with so much to be thankful for.

    Precious Feather is such a blessing ... and from what I understand he sure did like the leftover ham and turkey .....

    And it seems he likes sweet potatoes and of course the oyster hors d'ouvres with crackers.

    I saw him today and all I can do is feel so grateful. He is the king of the house!

    Sometimes that seeing him in the road revisits me at night but I'm getting over it too.

    Onward we go and so much fun!!

    Love to all, thank you all so much,

    Your Saav

    They can't read or write, but they sure can multiply. Please spay or neuter your pet.

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    So nice of you to share a nice Thanksgiving dinner with them, you're very kind.

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    Oh well @Alpha1 we told them we had too much food and they had to come over and relieve us.

    Life happens right?

    Hahahahahahaha, we got them!

    Feather now loves a crazy toy full of feathers and stuff ... I had him running all over the house with it!

    Gosh I hope they don't plan on having a Christmas tree with him as lord of the castle. Something will hit the floor in a bad way!!!!


    They can't read or write, but they sure can multiply. Please spay or neuter your pet.

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    It is so great how things have worked out. Pets do tend to bring people together.

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