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Anchorage: Star the Reindeer passes

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    Anchorage: Star the Reindeer passes

    Anchorage's iconic Star the reindeer died Saturday at the age of 15, her owner said.

    Albert Whitehead raised Star from the time the female reindeer was 10 months old at his home on the corner of 10th Avenue and I Street. Star had been in declining health before she collapsed Saturday afternoon.

    A tiny reindeer abandoned at birth by her mother on a Palmer farm, Star had become a curiosity for tourists. Her pen was a downtown landmark for locals.

    On Saturday, she spent the day in the backyard with Whitehead, snacking on her favorite treats — grapes and Mini-Wheats cereal. She walked over to the gate like she did when she wanted to go on a walk, Whitehead said. Once the leash was on and they were out in the alleyway, she collapsed.

    He sat and talked to her and pet her as she faded.

    Article continues with video here.

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    Awww, rest in peace Star.

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