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All 3 dogs have similar fecal symptoms

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    All 3 dogs have similar fecal symptoms

    At first all 3 of my chihuahuas had weird yellow balls and squares in their feces. The oldest dog was the first I noticed, having blood and mucus in his stool. I gave them all over the counter dewormer. For 2 weeks I gave them probiotics, vitamins, only dog food no table scraps, and it cleared up. I read online yellow is usually digestive problems. Now longish clear string is showing up 2 or more weeks after dewormer. I started them on a 2nd treatment over the counter because I am currently unemployed and can not afford a vet. The strings are not moving, but are worms still a possibility? I am really worried and have no one to help!

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    Its highly unlikely all three dogs would suffer the same symptoms, if you gave them an over the counter wormer that could be the problem. You need to have a fecal test done to know what kind of worms they have, different kinds of worms require different worm medication. Round and hook worms look like strands of spaghetti, tape worms look like a grain of rice.

    What are you feeding? If they are all eating the same thing my first thought is something in the food that is not agreeing with them. Is it grain free? Is it loose and runny stools? Blood and mucus is not a good sign, you can add digestive enzimes to the food and see if that helps, they should be on the probiotics all the time forever,

    They need a high quality grain free food or a raw diet. Obviously something in the food is not agreeing with them. Try a duck or rabbit or fish and sweet potato food, that is bland and easy on the stomach.

    But they really need to see a vet to find the cause of the problem.

    Stay away from over the counter wormers or anything else, these products are just a general thing and doesn't work for all dogs and different kinds of worms.
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