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Woman Flees California Wildfire on Bike With 70 Pound Dog in Her Duffel Bag

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    Woman Flees California Wildfire on Bike With 70 Pound Dog in Her Duffel Bag

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    So sad watching those devastating fires in California on the news, my heart goes out to all of them, may the victims rest in peace. I love that gal was loving enough and strong enough to get her dog out of there, and it's so nice that the man in the pickup gave them a ride.

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    I agree Alpha...I can't imagine trying to outrun the fire knowing your home is burning and you're losing everything but yet you have to save yourself and your dog. This young lady is amazing and has a great attitude...she and her dog are alive and will celebrate life. Very sad though and my heart goes out to the victims of these fires.

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    Yes it's so heartbreaking watching so many people losing everything they have and I agree may all the victims and this include all the wildlife and people beloved pets rest in peace. What a brave strong woman and her dog seems had realize the danger they were in ,he just got into the duffle bag .

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    One thing that makes me really sad is when people have to get out of burning houses, they have no choice but to leave their pets behind. It is now or never when you have to get out of there. Because of that I am afraid a pet dog died when it was in a burning house in early September. There were no reports about a dog being there, but I knew the family had one when they moved in.
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    Hats off to the brave and strong woman who thought of saving her 70lbs dog. I can only imagine the adrenaline and panic that would be going through my head if I was put in that situation. Kudos to you fam

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