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Two Beautiful Huskies Abandoned At Dog Park with Note

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    Thumbs down Two Beautiful Huskies Abandoned At Dog Park with Note

    Luckily for these two, some caring people stepped in and took care of them. More here.

    While other pups were running and playing with their owners at Woodward Dog Park in Fresno, CA, two 1-year-old huskies named Jada and Leyla sat alone and afraid. They had been abandoned there, left with nothing but a box of food, some toys, and a solemn note pleading for them not to be split up.

    When park manager Mona Ahmed got the call, she was there right away, and learned from bystanders that the poor girls had been there for 3 hours, which already posed a risk to their safety. “They could have jumped the fence and gotten hit by a car,” Ahmed told The Dodo. “There is a very busy road right in front of the dog park. The speed limit is 50, but people go 65 or more.”

    Luckily, Jada and Leyla are now in the care of a loving foster mother, and are searching for a forever home. For Ahmed, however, it’s a bittersweet victory, as it speaks to a persistent problem. “This makes me feel angry. This is not the way you give dogs away. All they had to do was ask for help,” she stated.

    If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer care for your pet, do right by them and contact your local shelter. On the contrary, if you’re looking to expand your family, find out how you can adopt Jada and Leyla by contacting Mona Ahmed’s non-profit organisation, Fresno Furry Friends.

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    @#*#*** jerks ! I hope someone will recognize the poor dogs and report the @#*#** owner ! They're beautiful dogs. This happen in my city the ACO found 2 older dogs dumped off at a station ! The dogs were really sweet , I met them when I went to visit the ACO . She was able to find a home for both dogs so they would stay together .

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    Hopefully they'll both be taken in by someone who will love them. I can't see people abandoning their dogs at parks, if they don't get hit by a car, then they can get lost or attacked by coyotes, etc. With the Dumb Friends League and other no kill shelters, I can't imagine anyone doing this. They look well cared for, so that's a good thing.

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    Legit will never understand why people would just leave their pets out in the open rather than asking for help or going to a shelter.
    Dog tracks are amazing lmao

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    Its not only dogs, I can't tell you how many times when my daughter was working at Duncan Donuts they found litters of kittens thrown in the dumpster. People are twisted, just think of themselves and no thoughts for the animals they throw away.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I saw this and was sad to hear their story. It breaks my heart that people would abandon their pets. I just don't understand
    “Save a life and save a stray”

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