I've heard so many stories on the news over the years about bogus 'Go Fund Me' scams, a little boy wanders off and drowns in a neighborhood pond and several Go Fund Me pages for the "family" pop up online within hours, none of them are legit, etc. Here's some tips to spot Go Fund Me scams online, best to investigate before donating any of your hard earned money for a story that may tug at your heartstrings.

Have you ever donated money to a Go Fund Me page, and found that it wasn't legitimate, or were you unsure after you gave and always wondered if it was honest? More here.

We’ve all heard the tragic story of 72 year of Grandpa Robert Godwin Sr who was shot in cold blood on Easter Sunday. The perpetrator, known as the Facebook Killer, posted the video of the killing on Facebook.

Within 24 hours of this horrible incident, at least 35 FAKE GoFundMe accounts were established! The worst part is that none of these were authorized by the family.

One campaign has raised nearly $91,000. The organizer is a college student from Arizona, with no ties to the family. He set up campaign after seeing it on the news. It SEEMS like fraud, but organizer says he’s “working with GoFundMe” to ensure the money gets to the family.

It’s since been labeled “official” by GoFundMe spokesman. How would the ASU student have gotten the money he raised to the family if it hadn’t garnered so much publicity?

More importantly: what about the other 34 or so GoFundMe pages?