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My dog has tumor in his body is this cancer?

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    Unhappy My dog has tumor in his body is this cancer?

    Need help guys,
    I want to know how to cure this problem of my 4 year old dog. He has tumor all over his body. We dont have a good vet in our area. Thats why im hoping someone can help me in any pet forum to remedy this problem.
    We love him so much as our family. Crying whenever i see him like this. I attached the image so you guys can determined the exact problem. I hope someone can help me to fight for this. Thank you guys.

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    Hi, can you post more pictures? For example, a wider view that includes the whole dog?

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    sorry but we can't help you, we are not vets, it could be cancer or could be something else. only way to know what it is is to have a biopsy done on the tumor and by checking the cells you will have an answer.
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    Ok sir. Wait for awhile. My mother took that pic and make me sadden. Thats why I ask for some help. Im away with them. I'll ask to took a whole pic. I believe its all over his body now.

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    Ok guys, my mom send me images. My bad, its in his neck not on his body. See more images.

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    Thanks for the additional pics. I have no idea, sorry. And it's true that none of us here are vets.

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    That looks very severe and painful for the dog, I advise that you take him to any vet or veterinary clinic in your area for evaluation and treatment. I think they will clean all the affected areas, take a biopsy to see if it's cancerous, do some bloodwork, etc. You have to get the dog some medical attention and medicine for his pain and condition, it's not fair to the poor animal if you don't, he's depending on you.

    We aren't doctors here, but even if we were, we couldn't give anything that would remedy such a bad tumor by just looking at a picture, you need tests and medication. The dog looks like it also needs a medicated bath and possibly some salve put on it topically. Please do something as soon as possible, the dog is suffering.

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    I agree with Alpha and please get him some medical help from a vet immediately.

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