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Watch Your Furkids on Halloween!

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    Watch Your Furkids on Halloween!

    Please take extra caution today if you're going to be opening your front door for trick or treaters. Dogs and cats may be frightened at the strangers, noise and scary costumes. Watch carefully that your dog doesn't get out and start running the neighborhood, keep him or her in a gated room for safety if needed. Make sure your cat has a comfortable safe place in the house too, please don't have your cat outdoors tonight when the action starts.

    Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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    I used to see parents use Beggar's Night as an opportunity to walk their dogs. Several years ago I saw dogs dressed in costumes. I like that idea for friendly breeds, but would not dare take a watchdog or hunting breed dog out.
    Keep your cats safe during the holidays. They deserve a meowy Catmas.

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