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I need to introduce my Mama's kitty to my dogs. My mama passed on 10/29/17

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    I need to introduce my Mama's kitty to my dogs. My mama passed on 10/29/17

    Well, this is a sad post, but I need help. My beloved step father died unexpectedly on 9/29/17, and then I found my Mama dead on 10/29/17, again unexpectedly. We were supposed to go to the laundry mat that day, but instead I found her deceased in the kitchen floor, almost exactly where my step dad died a month earlier.

    They had a beautiful, sweet and kind of shy kitty named Leo. I always told my Mama that I would take Leo if anything happened to her, so of course I brought him home with me that night. Leo is a little over a year old, and he has been raised with my parents. He was the only pet and has never been around other animals. He is just pitiful. He has been hiding under the bed in my third bedroom since I brought him home. He is eating a little and it is very obvious that he is scared, confused and in mourning over the loss of his parents, as am I.

    I have 2 dogs in my home that have never had a kitty in the house. My dogs are named Baby Dawg, a 13 year old pittie and Derp, a golden lab who isnt a year old yet. The dogs adore each other and are very loving. I have been keeping Leo in the bedroom with the door shut because I dont want him to be scared of the dogs, and I want the dogs to smell him through the bedroom door. Putting Leo outside with my 2 outdoor kitties(Daisy and Iris, we live in the country and they are 10 year old sisters who have been outside all their lives) is not an option, since he is an indoor boy. I love Leo, and he was my parents baby, so he is family you know. I need advice on how to grow my fur family. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi Lisa- Very sorry for your losses. Good on you for helping Leo. He must also be confused and sad. You are his angel here. I don't have any experience in this area, but other boardies might. Thanks for doing the right thing for Leo.

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    My condolences for your loss Lisa, you're very kind for taking Leo in. I'm sure he's very frightened, even just hearing the dogs outside the door must be very stressful for him. I think after a little while you can take him out in your arms and introduce him to your dogs, one at a time. Be calm, quiet and confident when you do it, and praise your dogs if they sit and remain calm. They can't bark at or chase him or jump up, he'll really be afraid.

    Leo needs a safe high spot in your bedroom too in case the dogs accidentally get in, indoor cats need things like cat trees with scratchers and resting platforms anyway, maybe you can place one by a window. Hopefully the dogs wouldn't jump up on it and go after him. Do they socialize with your outdoor cats at all?

    You can also keep the dogs on a leash for introductions, until you feel Leo could be safe around them. You have to hold and comfort the cat until everyone knows and tolerates each other, something you can't rush. You can also put the cat in a small wire crate on a high piece of furniture in the room with you, so when you're doing things or interacting with the dogs, the cat can observe and see everything's okay. You must not let either dog bark at, growl at, jump at, etc. the cat.

    You'll have to make some changes in your home and lifestyle for awhile, but I agree with Dog Force, you are definitely and angel for being their for him, I know he's grieving the loss of your parents. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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    Thank you. He was their baby and they would tell Leo that I was his sissy! I am an only child, so there was never the thought of leaving my little bubby behind. My daughter and I got him to come out from under the bed for a little while to get some loving last night, so although small, its progress.

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    Lisa, that's a big step showing progress considering everything little Leo has gone through. So glad your daughter is helping you make the transition, kudos to both of you! Very sweet that your parents used to tell Leo that you were his sissy.

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    I'm sorry for your loss. You're right that you needed to take in Leo and give him a loving home. You are both mourning and it's not easy but things will get better as time goes by. He will get used to the dogs and vice versa and you will need to be patient but I have confidence that you will succeed.

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