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Bump by dog's eye

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    Bump by dog's eye

    Our shepherd has a reddish bump, maybe the sized of a pencil eraser, near the inner corner of his eye on the side closest to the nose. At first it was more skin colored with some hair loss and now it has gotten more red and continues to swell! The vet dismissed it as maybe a bite or something and prescribed some ointment, a antibiotic, and a cone. So far after a few days it hasn't gotten any better, actually worse! Any ideas? I will attach a few pictures. Thanks in advance. I have pics!

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    take the dog to a dog eye specialist. It may or may not be something serious but it should be checked out. Eyes are nothing to fool with, if your regular vet won't do something then its time to take him to another vet.
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    I would definitely get different treatment and evaluation for another vet if it's getting worse. I don't see any photos, here's the direction if you need them.

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