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Leaving my dogs at home - tips...

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    Leaving my dogs at home - tips...

    Hi guys,

    Any advice?

    I'm starting to leave my dogs at home for a short period (a few hours, one day a week). I'll be getting a neighbour to check in on them, too.

    But, does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Things like should I buy toys, keep them in one room, let them have the entire house?

    I'm feeling quite unprepared for the do's and don'ts.

    Thank you...

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    if the dogs are housebroken and not destructive there is no reason they can't have the run of the house. When you go don't say anything, just leave, if you baby them and tell them you are leaving it could upset them, when you get ready to leave they will know, they will see you pick up your keys or put your shoes on ect, they will know when they see you getting ready to leave they'll know. Don't fuss over them ect, just leave.

    You could get them something special like an antler to keep them amused for a while, give them the antler only when you are leaving, this will give them something to look forward to when they see you getting ready to leave. Get bigger antlers, ones with the points on them, a small flat one could slide down their throat and choke them.
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    I was concerned about this too, but we both work and often Lilly is left alone a lot at home.

    We made our house pet-friendly, put in a dog door in the kitchen door to the garage, where we have the litterboxes and their food and water and all. Lilly knows that's where her food is, so we have trained her to use a puppy pad out there if she needs to eliminate.

    She has a ton of toys, and the bully sticks are awesome! I get those big ones and cut them in thirds, scatter them around the house, and tell her before leaving, "Go get 'em sticks! You got sticks!"

    Even though we give her a good romp and play and outside elimination before and after work, she seems happy. This has worked for us for 10 years, but then again, that's just an idea. I'm stupid when it comes to dogs -- I got lucky to get such a smart girl 10 years ago.

    Maybe scatter some treats? I don't know. I always feel bad for Lilly when I'm away but I know at least she is safe.

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    If your dog is not destructive inside your house then there's no problem. It would be easier if your dog is already trained on where to eliminate when he/she is inside the house so that it will stay clean until you could get home. Before you leave the house, make sure to have two separate bowl, one for the water and the other one is for the food, make sure to fill it with lots of water and food. If your neighbor is checking on your dog, then there's no problem with that. You can also put something like monitor (like those device parents use to monitor their baby) to monitor your dog while you're away.

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