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Please Meet My Little Lady, Mia.

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    Smile Please Meet My Little Lady, Mia.

    Hi all,

    Please meet my little kitten who named Mia. She is always naughty and bitten. I hope you will like her as me ^_^

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    She is a very beautiful little girl. I've always liked the "money cats" and the torties. The color patterns are gorgeous.
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    Mia is a very pretty girl! Here's how to post your videos here so that they show.

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    Mia is beautiful! If I were you I wouldn't let her bite me like that. She's trying to play with your hand but then when you go to pet her or pick her up she'll misunderstand and bite you. I would give Mia a toy for her to bite instead of your hand.

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    Oh wow! Love Mia! Get a neoprene glove and teach her not to bite, and throw catnip mice to her, they learn fast not not to bite .... well at least it worked for me when I got these three terrorist kittens in 2015.

    Precious baby!

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    That is one of my favorite types of fur patterns. Mia is beautiful!

    A good way to make her stop biting you is give her toys to bite instead.
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    Very cute kitty.

    It is really tempting to play with a cat as if you are another cat, but it will cause behavior problems like biting when playing. A long time ago I did that with a kitten and it took getting a second cat to get her to stop treating me like one.

    Currently, I have one cat who used to mostly bite instead of lick, and another who just sometimes bites while I'm petting him. The cats don't want me to stop petting them, so if they try to bite, I pull my hand away and say "no biting". The one who was biting instead of licking, hasn't done any biting for a while now. The other cat still sometimes bites, but not as often.

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