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Senior Dog Peeing Everywhere

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    Senior Dog Peeing Everywhere

    I am a long time pet owner and have had several animals. However my experience with my pets has never taken them to this stage. I have a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi who will be 15 next month. Starting earlier this year, he started peeing in the house. Not often, maybe a couple times a week tops. Always on a hard surface (main floor hardwoods or cement basement floor). I took him to the vet in September for labs. His blood work and urinalysis came back negative for any health issues. My vet said she was honestly surprised and expected something in a dog of this age.

    Fast forward to now. He is having several accidents daily. We're talking sometimes 5 or more. I feel like he can't control his bladder for more than an hour or two. I called the vet back yesterday and she put him on 25mg of Proin. I'm really hoping this helps but have no idea what to do in the meantime. I have to kennel him during the day (I live in the midwest and temps right now aren't getting above 45 much so I can't leave him in the back yard like I was doing). I put a belly band on him while he's in the kennel, but by mid morning he's usually wet it at least once, maybe more. My neighbor is usually available to let him out, so she does so a few times a day while I'm at work. At night he usually works his way out of the belly band at some point (it slips off of him) and he will go downstairs and pee, sometimes more than once. I don't know what else to do. He's in good health other than the urination, but I also can't have him ruining everything with his pee. Looking for ideas please. Thank you so much in advance.

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    i dont really know how to help. i have had 2 dogs previous to my girl now. both were male an lived to 10 and 16, my last dog (16) held himself till the end. if your vet says there is nothing physically wrong. then could it be psychological ? not sure the band is helping., maybe you are paying to much attention to his peeing which could be stressing him out..... a bit like hovering over a dog that wont eat and chasing it with chicken. try and go back to your puppy training days. remember ? lol, iknow ! a long time ago, but back then you accepted it was part of his training and didnt stress. take him out every hour and give him a titbit every time he pees outside and tell him hes good....... most of alll , dont get stressed out ! remember...... they know lol. good luck x

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    well, my soon to be 14 y o bichon male is beginning to mark. he's been thru a lot lately, tho. we had to move out (divorce) of the home he loved for nine years - really nice backyard -- and into a few apartments. Three, actually. He has no idea where he is.
    So, I have learned to take him out every two-three hours and if I need to be away he is safe in the bathroom with a gate across door way, lots of chux (waterproof liners with NO scent) warm clean blankies, his water bowl and his tower air filter on. A light in the hall way and he's good for awhile. I came back today after running a ton of errands and he did use one of the liners for potty!!
    I never let him "roam" free in the apartment anymore. Too much carpeting that if he pees on, I treat with vinegar, essential oils, doggy spot spray and then I steam the %ell out of it!! Lots of work. I repeat the steaming. And oils.

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    a cranberry supplement might help. Can't hurt
    he is your friend and protector, he will love you unconditionally, you owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion

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    I know this thread is older but I actually have a friend whoís struggled with her dogs incontinence for years and just recently found that actual baby diapers do a lot more that dog diapers/pads. Baby diapers are more absorbent and donít stay as wet as dog diapers so it helps limit chance of uti and rash. When it comes to incontinence you just have to roll with it. Limiting water before bed may help for the night but otherwise itís something that youíre stuck with. Prion doesnít always work, nothing is ever a definite but there are bladder support supplements

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