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Dog urinating on carpet but is doggie door trained. Help!

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    Dog urinating on carpet but is doggie door trained. Help!

    I have a female rescue dog (5 yrs old) named Gigi. At our house, we have a doggie dog and Gigi has never had an accident in the house. Also our entire house has hard wood floor with a few rugs. We have had Gigi for over 3 years and not once has she ever urinated in the house.
    My mother in law often takes care of Gigi when we are traveling. At the mother in laws house, Gigi has urinated on the carpet. We always attributed this problem because there is no doggie dog and Gigi was not able to make it outside. My mother in law also has an older male yellow lab.
    We are remodeling our house and have moved in with my mother in law. We have installed a doggie dog so no accidents would occur. Gigi knows how to use the doggie door at the new house. After the 1st day of move in, I caught Gigi starting to urinate on the carpet!
    I was thinking that she was marking her territory but this has happened at my parents house too. My parents have no pets and brand new carpet (no residual dog smell). Why does Gigi urinate only on the carpet? More importantly how do I stop this problem?
    Thanks for your help!

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    she could have a UTI, might be a good idea to have her checked out. When they have a UTI they will look for someplace soft to pee on because it burns. If she checks out ok then its a behavioral issue, you can either retrain her using a crate or leash her to you so she doesn't have the opportunity to go on the rug

    by the way is she spayed? an intact female will mark
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    I can't image she only has the uti when she is at a house with carpet. Yes. She is spayed.

    I feel bad that at our old house is free to wander the whole house. Now we are at the house with carpet, she will need to be crated the whole time.

    Question: Why on the carpet? Why the carpet feeling that is wanting her to urinate. Not the hard floor.

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    Hi and welcome. Do you think the urination might have something to do with stress, being in a different house or with another dog? Maybe she was just more secure in your home? First thing I thought of is a urine odor from the lab, but if she does it with no pets and a new carpet, it is strange.

    Like Linda suggested, you may just have to treat her like a pup, watch her closely and correct her in the act if possible, while telling her to go outside. Your mother in law will have to actively do the training if you're not there. And it is possible she developed a UTI as Linda mentioned, you never know until you have her checked. Good luck in the meantime, hopefully she'll be cooperative with a little guidance.

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    The other dog, Sam, & Gigi have know each other for 3 years and Gigi loves Sam since they have spent lots of time with each other. So I don't think it is stress with Sam. Sam is not young so he doesn't run around with Gigi but they very much get along. Also she is very familiar with the house and has her own perch to watch the traffic go by.

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    I think dogs might prefer carpet to hard floors because as soon as their urine hits the surface it soaks in, less of a chance of it leaking onto their paws like it would on a hard surface. You should definitely clean all affected areas well with a strong white vinegar solution. Don't use any cleaners with ammonia, because urine smells like ammonia and it defeats the purpose.

    It sounds like she's comfortable there, I think the only thing to do is serious training every day to make going where she should there a real habit. Stop the carpet urination in any way so it doesn't become a habit. I don't like the idea of crates, I would not crate her for long periods of time, that is unfair in my opinion.

    Can you gate off the doorway of the kitchen maybe, for her to be when she's not being monitored? Those little wood expansion gates are what I used for my puppy, and you have to train her like a pup until she's reliable there. Maybe put down newspaper or pad in kitchen just in case she has to go. Is the doggy door in the kitchen wall?

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