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Hello, my mini golden doodle needs your help

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    Hello, my mini golden doodle needs your help

    He is itching like crazy! I took him to the vet had blood work done, Lyme disease check, checked for fleas and everything was negative. They game me some special diet dog food to try and a prescription for Apoquel to stop the itching. It did seem to work but after the pills ended the itching came back as bad as it was before. I called the vet about getting another prescription but prior to calling the vet I did some research on the drug and was not happy with the risks of continuing with medication with the possible side effects. I ordered some another drug VF Antronex for pets that I am waiting to be delivered but their out of stock right now. I was wondering if anyone has tried this and found it to be effective and safe. Maybe have found something else out there that is safe that help with the itching.

    Please HELP!!!

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    Welcome to the forum! You will get more replies in the Dog Health and Nutrition section, but for now I can say this: If you don't agree with what your vet is doing, don't be afraid to get a second opinion. I hope that will not be necessary. Good luck.
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    take the dog to a dog dermatologist, they will do skin scrapings and find out what he's allergic to. In the meantime get some unscented baby wipes and wipe his feet, face and belly, that will help take off something he's getting on himself from outside if that is what he is allergic to. Bathe him in some anti itch for dogs shampoo and use resicort conditioner, do not rinse the conditioner off. You can give benadryl or hydrocortozone (prescription) hydrocortozone is a super strength benadryl.

    Whatever you do do NOT let the vets put him on atopica (cortosporin). That drug kills the t cells and cancer has occurred in many dogs. Some vets will prescribe this to calm down the skin, it will calm down the skin but also kill the immune system and t cells.
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    Hi Ed! I have a Labradoodle who was itching for around a month when I bought some Dinovite and started giving it to him sometime in October. I also bought some Zymox anti itch shampoo and conditioner from Petco, used it on him twice in the beginning, a week apart. Don't know if that really helped or not.

    His itching has greatly lessened with daily brushing, all over and down to the skin, "armpits", stomach, tail, etc. Now I'm extra attentive with his daily brushing than I ever was. He mats very easily when his hair is long, so I groom him at home and keep it at a medium length. Now I check with a wide tooth comb every few days, to make sure there are no mats starting anywhere which will cause itching.

    He also goes outdoors and runs through the park and back yard, he picks up all kinds of weeds and debris....all which will cause any dog to itch. I often get tiny pieces of leaves, twigs, weeds in the brush. Luckily my husband is good about helping with the daily brushings. He's improved so much, it's worth it not to see him uncomfortable.

    He's not a big eater, I started him out on the Dinovite in small doses as they recommend until the dog gets used to it, and now he's been getting a full scoop daily. Since he doesn't eat much, I take up his dry food at night and in the early day, until he's finished with the canned food with the Dinovite. I only use 3/4 of a can, a half can wasn't enough to mix the powder, and a full can was too much for him.

    No guarantee that the supplement helped stop the itching (or greatly slow it), if it was some kind of seasonal allergy to a weed or something, don't know for sure. I also add a little bit of light olive oil to his daily canned food to lubricate the skin from inside, I really wanted him to use coconut oil, but for some reason he doesn't like the taste. If you can give your dog a spoonful of coconut oil daily, it will help. Omega 3s are very beneficial too, the Dinovite seems to cover that. I was giving him a Krill Oil softgel daily before it arrived in the mail.

    I know pharmaceutical drugs are needed for certain things, but I'm not a fan of giving my pets pills unless absolutely needed, too many side effects as you mentioned.....rather take the alternative more natural route.

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    I have a cockapoo who had terrible itching, especially his sides and feet. He had this on arrival from the refuge (shelter), where he had been fed dry dog food (which Americans call "kibble", I believe). He had no fleas, mites or ticks and no redness on the skin. But he would scratch and bite the areas which troubled him. The vet noticed that he had brown stains where he had been licking/biting himself, which she said was caused by low quality dry food. "Some sort of allergy" was the best suggestion which I got concerning the severe irritation.

    I totally agree with Alpha about following the natural route whenever possible. So I spent a long while on the net and eventually found out that some dogs suffer from yeast allergy. Many (but not all) dry dog foods contain yeast. Even quite a few wet dog foods contain it.

    So I decided to buy fresh meat, grind it and mix it with finely cut vegetables. Then I boiled the mix until thoroughly cooked. I stopped giving anything with yeast in it. Even some dog treats have yeast in them!

    Within a week, the irritation was gone. Our dog has been happy and healthy ever since. I also add multivitamins and minerals to his food, to make sure he is not missing anything.

    It seems that certain breeds are more prone to yeast allergy. Poodles are particularly prone to the problem. Here are a couple of pages which might interest you:

    Of course, I'm not saying that this is the case with your dog, but it is worth giving diet change (no yeast in food) a try. Every best wish to you!
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    ^ Cool post, LPC.

    I haven't made my own dog food completely from scratch before, but below here is a guy who does something simliar to LPC but bakes it into a meatloaf form that can be frozen in batches. I haven't tried it, but it's interesting to watch and looks carefully done.

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    I know that I personally can solve your problem with a pet that constantly itches. Your pet could be allergic to food, perhaps suffering from a pet skin disease usually with dandruff like flakes on their coat. If there are bumps on the skin, you may have to be concerned with fleas, or similar that burrow under the skin.

    So here is your potential cure that Vets do not talk about or remain ignorant too. The remedy is "Micro Particle Colloidal Silver" MPCS liquid solution (15 ppm max). To help your dog's immune system to fight off the ailment from the inside out, simply put in 1 cup of MPCS per gallon of water in their water bowl. You will have to do the math to come up with the right ratio depending on the size of the water bowl. The second step is to bathe your dog in colloidal silver. I have a big 100 pound lab and what I do is to get her wet with a hose, turn off the hose and then spray MPCS all over body including eyes and mouth. I rub it in with my hands and then repeat again. MPCS will calm the skin immediately, kill 99.99% of the bacteria, viruses, fungi on her skin and leave her pet coat smelling neutral once it dries.

    Not to make you laugh, I bathe in a tub using 2 cups of MPCS for 20 minutes (soaking), hotter than normal water, and all the skin irritations dry up and flake off almost over night. Your skin feels fresh immediately after you dry off.

    Colloidal Silver liquid can be found at all "health stores" like GNC. Expect to pay up to $10 per ounce! That is because human may use it as a nutritional supplement to boost their immune system. Unfortunately, you are paying more because of the higher PPM value (30 PPM). Anything above 15 PPM really does not increase the effectiveness and if it does not say "Micro Particle" the silver does not pass through the human body very quickly and does not kill the diseased cell well because it is too large to puncture it.

    I have written a web page and blog on the subject, and can give you further advice and even supply your needs at 20% of the cost with on demand made MPCS. I make 3 gallons per day to supply my current customer base. Price estimate:

    The solution is out there and it is a lot cheaper than a visit to the Vet and the expensive drugs and ointment that does not work really at all for a sustained period.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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